Cassovia Life Sciences


Cassovia Life Sciences is a not-for-profit voluntary association of Universities, research institutes, innovative small and medium-sized enterprises acting in proximal cross-border region of Slovakia, Hungary and Ukraine in field of life science and medicine. Cassovia Life Sciences encompasses six R&D institutes in Health and Bioeconomy and seven innovative SMEs, which work and implement innovations in medical and life-sciences related fields. The organization is focused on application of new tools for prevention and treatment of chronic and diet associated diseases based on results of biomedical research. CLS is well equipped modern Centre including the Molecular Microbiology, Immunology, Biosensor and Analytical Labs with capacity to carry out routine classical and metabolomics, genomic and proteomic research. CLS has unique expertise of investigation of common pathway of chronic diseases by using cells, germ-free and gnotobiotic animal models. The experts of CLS combining their teaching and research activity and had initiated the establishment of Slovak Technology Platform “Agro-Food” for the implementation of scientific results in food value chain. CLS is known as proactive contributor in influential pan-European networks alike European Food Information Resource, Food & Health Network, Monitoring and Quality Assurance in the Food Supply Chain (MoniQA), CommNET and ERRIN. The main goal of CLS is to bring the innovative knowledge into cross border areas and work for harmonization and promotion of research and developments in Eastern European Region in fields of innovative food products via seeking the diet based solution for the personilised prediction and prevention of chronic diseases.