Middle East Technical University



METU- the Department of Food Engineering offers multi-disciplinary programs that apply modern science and engineering concepts for the production, processing, packaging and distribution of food products. The Department of Food Engineering currently offers one undergraduate and three major graduate programs: a master’ degree and a doctoral degree after M.S. degree or B.S. degree. The programs are continuously updated for rapid adaptation of the graduates to dynamically growing food industry. The undergraduate program of the Department of Food Engineering is accredited by ABET
METU- Food Engineering program aims to provide graduates with the knowledge and skills that can be applied to design, develop and manufacture safe, high quality, value added food products, and production and distribution systems for the benefit of mankind.
Undergraduate Program Objectives
Within a few years after graduation, our graduates are expected to;

1-take pioneering, entrepreneurial, and innovative roles in private sector or public enterprises and institutions for food processing, design and development of new food products and processes.

2-continue their career development through professional training or graduate studies as engineers having life-long learning ability.

3-be engineers complying with food safety and ethical rules for public welfare and health.